Renewing our homes can prove to be very expensive. It is no surprise to see people going for the least expensive and more commonly available solutions whenever they need to get some work done on their homes. Their relative inexpensiveness is the main reason why asphalt and concrete have been the most widely used materials for building our outdoor pavements and driveways.

Sure, a concrete or asphalt pavement might be considered for any area that sees a large amount of vehicular traffic. But other than such occasions, other types of pavements are just much better off in most imaginable ways. The slightly higher costs might put off quite a lot of people, but there are quite a lot of advantages in choosing limestone paving in Perth or any other kind of permeable materials over concrete and asphalt:

• Ease of Installation – Permeable paving materials do not require a lot of specialized tools or equipment for installation. This can be quite advantageous if you want to get your outdoor pavement project done quickly. Even large areas can be quickly converted in small amounts of time.

• Just as Durable – When you think of asphalt or concrete, you tend to think of them as very durable materials, resistant to all kinds of stress and abuse. While this is generally true, most permeable pavement materials are just as durable. If we consider surfaces made of natural stones or gravel, they are even more durable since they have a higher tolerance to the elements of nature.

• More Sustainable – Many types of permeable pavements make use of plastic grids in their layouts. These are made of mostly recycled materials, which makes the paving process more environment friendly than acquiring new materials.

• Helps with Water Drainage – The single biggest advantage of permeable outdoor paving solutions is that they allow water to pass through them, without actually collecting it up, thus prevents flooding. It also makes it easier to building drainage systems, since they will likely need to be less complex. It may also save you money, as installation of simpler drainage systems will cost you less.

• Reduces Soil Erosion – Not only do permeable pavements reduce the risk of flooding, but they also prevent unnecessary soil erosion. This makes them perfect for any instance where soil retention is an important factor that needs to be taken under consideration.

• Prevents Local Heat Island Effect – The local heat island effect is a process which ultimately leads in a rise in temperature of the surroundings, due to insufficient evaporation of water in the soil. This has negative impacts on a lot of aspects, from the local vegetation to their nearby air quality. Permeable pavements somehow seem to help a lot in negating this side effect, contributing to the cooling down of the surrounding areas.