If you are planning to get crib bedding sets for your newborn or simply wish to invest in skin friendly and eco friendly choices for your bedroom, you can look at bedding accessories that are made from natural or organic fibers. You can find pillows, blankets, sheets, mattress covers and others made from organic and natural fibers. 

Natural fiber choices

When we talk of memory foam mattress queen that come with natural fiber covers, we usually mean fabrics made from wool or cotton fibers. It is not enough for mattress covers and bedding accessories to be made from such fibers as they need to be treated gently and not with harsh chemicals or should not be grown or treated with pesticides. Eco fabrics are those that are grown in an organic manner. This means that the plants are grown in a sustainable manner and in a natural environment for growth as well as for harvesting. Many stores that stock up on eco friendly fabric based bedding accessories usually term them to be items available under green décor.

Prints and designs

Even if you are opting for natural or eco friendly fabrics in memory foam mattress or bedding accessories you need not find yourself deprived of colors, finishes or other effects on such items. The prints and other design effects are achieved by natural or hand based methods such as by the use of natural dyes and printing processes whereby finishes are given without the use of harsh chemicals. Hence, the items that are sold as handmade or eco friendly might come with a coarser finish and natural variations in designs and patterns.

Handmade versions

Among the eco friendly or natural choices knitted blankets or throws are good choices. These add a warm and homely feel to bedrooms and even couches in a living room where they can be used. Handmade floor rugs made from cotton rags or similar materials are also popular. You would be promoting local handicrafts and the hard work of many people when you invest in such items. At the same time, as such pieces are single works of art; you would have unique items that can act as decorative accessories for your rooms as well.

There are several stores online whereby one can find unique, handmade items for their homes. From stitched bed covers to weave blankets, rugs and throws, you will find such items to be gentle on the skin and unique in their composition and design, making them ideal pieces for décor for your home in different ways.